The Buddhist Peace Schools are based on the value of ancient traditions (Ubuntu) and the timeless values of the Buddha. We inspire and impart academic knowledge and develop an individual through virtues, mental concentration and wisdom.

Our schools integrate the Buddhist philosophy and African philosophy of Ubuntu into everyday life to inspire students cultivate morality, concentration, wisdom and compassion.

We teach our students to be courageous and resilient in facing their difficulties for the sake of learning, accept challenges for learning, tenacity and growth. We see the fruits of this in our students who have cultivated a higher level of respect, discipline and selfless service to others.

How we incorporate the Buddha’s teachings to provide an enlightening education experience:


The Eightfold Noble Path acts as the guide for our students on their journey to achieving excellence as divided in three training guidelines as follows.


Morality Mental concentration Wisdom
Right Action Right Effort Right Understanding
Right Livelihood Right Concentration Right Thought
Right Speech Right Mindfulness