Buddhist Primary School

The BPS primary section is the first Buddhist founded primary school started in January 2022.

The School has currently enrolled 65 children in various classes (P.1 – P.7). Our classrooms have a maximum number of 12 learners per classroom, to maintain a low ratio or teacher to student (1:12). This is done to ensure that the teacher has high attention to every learner.

Currently, we have 9 teachers who are taking care of the learning needs of these children. The school is in a very ideal place for learning located in Bulega, Garuga, Entebbe. Our goal is to operate a fully-fledged school running from P1 to P7, and building responsible tomorrow’s responsible and respectable citizens.

How we incorporate the Buddha’s teachings to provide an enlightening education experience:

The Eightfold Noble Path acts as the guide for our students on their journey to achieving excellence as divided in three training guidelines as follows.

Morality Mental Concentration  Wisdom
Right Action Right Effort Right Understanding
Right Livelihood Right Concentration Right Thinking
Right Speech Right Mindfulness