Enlightenment Through Morality, Mental Concentration and Wisdom

The BPS was inspired by the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path. We believe that for someone to develop meaningful academic knowledge must be grounded in morality, concentration and wisdom. Our schools therefore derive its cultural, academic and spiritual programs.

Instilling Moral values into our students

We help our students to attain peace and harmony through the practice of right speech, right action, right livelihood. Our students act with compassion, love and respect and engage with the world around them harmoniously.

Developing mastery of the Mind

We inspire our students to apply right concentration, right effort, and right mindfulness in their daily life as these help them to set their goals in life. Along with these practices in their learning, we ensure that we are there with them to develop resilience and learn from their mistakes so that they can excel in their lives.

Developing wisdom

We believe that education is beyond just knowledge. By applying right thinking and right understanding, our students develop true wisdom.