First Buddhist Primary School Opens

The Ambassador was then led to officially commission the first Buddhist Primary School in Uganda, where also a new three-classroom building had just been completed. With the mission of bringing forth knowledge, wisdom, values, skills and health the school started in January 2022 with 4 classes and 48 pupils enrolled. 

H.E Sasirit Tangulrat was also led by Bhante to water an avocado tree that she planted during her first visit in August 2021. More still, the Ambassador was taken to see three Buddha statues that were made in Thailand now enshrined in the Sangha Building at the Temple. 

Uganda’s news channel SEE TV was reporting about our event. Watch it here (click). 

We are very grateful to our donors who have generously contributed and made it possible to introduce a Buddhist founded school in Uganda. May you all be happy and attain freedom!