Vocational Skills

The purpose of Vocational Skills Program is to give our children  the tools they will need to succeed in their lives.  We teach our children a core set of skills in a variety of training areas to increase their chances of obtaining gainful and employable skills so that when they grow up, they are creators of their own jobs rather than hunting for jobs.

Our children enter the vocational skills program when they reach Primary Four (when they are 10 years old). They spend at least a minimum of 6 months learning a group of skills. We allow children to specialise in the areas they love most and help them grow in those areas.  The main focus here is to teach these students to carry out essential job skills independently. The focus of the program is to teach the student to perform essential job skills independently.

Our training areas are grouped under the following categories;

  • Art and craft
  • Tailoring
  • Farming
  • Carpentry
  • Fashion and design
  • Computer technician
  • Graphics designing

We have also developed a set of activities to enhance the daily lives of our children.  These include:

  • Life Skills training and execution
  • Communication, language and social skills training
  • Job Skills training
  • Self management and appropriate behavior training
  • Volunteer activities
  • Exercise for health and fitness
  • Games and sports

All these skills are conducted using the teaching CIRCLE.