Learning Framework: CIRCLE

The Learning Circle at our Buddhist Peace School serves as a guiding framework that encapsulates the core values and skills we aim to cultivate in our students. Each factor within the Learning Circle is a vital facet of holistic growth, designed to empower our learners to navigate life’s challenges with wisdom, compassion, and purpose.

1. Conscience: Conscience forms the foundation of ethical awareness. We encourage our students to develop a strong sense of right and wrong, guided by their inner moral compass. By nurturing their conscience, we empower them to make choices that align with their values and contribute positively to the world.

2. Integrity: Integrity is the unwavering commitment to honesty and ethical conduct. We guide our students to uphold truthfulness and authenticity in their actions and interactions. This virtue builds trust, self-respect, and a solid foundation for their personal and professional lives.

3. Responsibility: Responsibility is the recognition of one’s duty to oneself and others. Through our teachings, students understand the impact of their actions on the community and the environment. This value instills a sense of duty to contribute positively and actively engage in making the world a better place.

4. Care and Compassion: Care and compassion are the cornerstones of harmonious relationships. We encourage students to empathize with others’ experiences and extend kindness and understanding. Through these qualities, they become agents of positive change, nurturing a world that values interconnectedness.

5. Love of Learning: A lifelong love of learning is a gift that keeps on giving. We cultivate curiosity and a thirst for knowledge in our students, fostering their innate desire to explore, question, and discover. This value encourages continuous personal growth and adaptation in a rapidly changing world.

6. Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship isn’t limited to business; it’s about innovative thinking and initiative. We teach students to approach challenges with creativity, resilience, and a willingness to take calculated risks. This mindset equips them to seize opportunities, solve problems, and contribute to progress.