The Peace School is our nursery section that is running from Middle to Top class. The Nursery section begun in February 2019, but interrupted by the outbreak of the Covid-19 world pandemic. Currently, the school has 24 children, 12 enrolled  in the Middle Class and 12 in the Top Class.

These children come from the surrounding villages, which are typically dependent on fishing. Locals however, say their earnings were reduced by the new government regulations on fishing, which have tied their hands and legs, because the only skill they have is fishing. The

The Uganda Buddhist Centre therefore with support from its partners opened the school to provide early childhood development and education to children from such families and communities. These children are fully sponsored, as parents are prepared to be able to pay a small fee when their children join the Primary Section at the Buddhist Primary School.

We teach our students to be courageous and resilient in facing their difficulties for the sake of learning, accept challenges in learning, tenacity and growth. We see the fruits of this in our students who have cultivated a higher level of respect, discipline and selfless service to others.

How we incorporate the Buddha’s teachings to provide an enlightening education experience:

The Eightfold Noble Path acts as the guide for our students on their journey to achieving excellence as divided in three training guidelines as follows.

Morality Mental Concentration  Wisdom
Right Action Right Effort Right Understanding
Right Livelihood Right Concentration Right Thinking
Right Speech Right Mindfulness